Introduction: How to Drive Long Screws

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I have always used a drill to drive screws.  However, screws longer than 2 1/2 inches often strip out before I can get them driven all the way in.  Up until now I’ve always avoided 3 inch and longer screws unless I really needed them.  Then one day I saw a video of someone driving a 4 inch screw with an impact driver.  That looked way too easy.  I had to have one of those.

Naturally, as soon as I had one, I had to try out driving the 4 inch screws, so I went to the local hardware store and bought some just to try them out.  This may be the smallest and lightest of all my power tools, but I think it’s my new favorite!

If you are still having trouble driving long screws, or simply aren't going to buy an impact driver, try scraping the screws along a bar of soap wax or buy pre-lubricated screws.  (Soap is hydrophilic and will draw water around the screw, thanks ringai.)  That has helped me in the past, but no where near as much as the impact driver.