Introduction: How to Fit a Universal Joint(UV/UJ) Land Rover or 4x4

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This instructable was done on a Series 3 Land Rover but the principle is practically the same for any 4x4 or anything with a propshaft. The Propshaft and saddle were in good condition so it was only the joint that needed replacing. this was the replacement joint used.

Step 1: Clean the Propshaft and the Saddle

Use some oil and clean out the holes where the joint will go. Also clean out the ridges where the circlips are to go. Check there are no large bits of grit that will make it not run smoothly. Do this for both the propshaft and the saddle.

Step 2: The Saddle

Carefully take both the caps off of opposite ends and  carefully put the joint in so they are inside the slots. Then line up one cap with the joint and hit the saddle down with a hammer, on to the cap, do it far enough so that they won't seperate(Photo 1). BE CAREFUL because if the cap is not put on square  then some roller bearings might come loose and you're back to square one.

Then using the same technique put the opposite side cap on, ensuring that it is lined up properly.

Use a socket and a hammer to tap the cap down until you can feel the ridges for the circlip(Photo 2).

When you can feel the ridges on both sides you are ready to put the circlips in. Using circlip pliers put in the clips and use a little screw driver to ensure they are in by pressing it down. Do this for  both sides. (Photo 3)

Step 3: Grease Nipple

Screw in the grease nipple. It is much easier to do it now as you can't easily get to it when the propshaft is also connected. Tighten it with a socket.

Step 4: Propshaft

Do the same for the propshaft as you did for the saddle. Remove the caps, align one with the joint and hit the propshaft down onto the cap(Photo 1). Repeat on the other side. Hit the caps down futher using a socket and a hammer,(Photo 2) do this until you can feel the ridges. Then insert the circlips ensuring they are fully in using a small screwdriver.(Photo 3)

Step 5: Finish

Using a grease gun put some grease in. Then move the joint around, putting more grease in. This just makes sure that the insides are fully greased. Just double check that all circlips are in and you are finished.