Introduction: How to Make a Ukulele, Banjolele, Banjo Ukulele, Guitar Stand.

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In this instructible I will attempt to show how to make a ridiculously cheap, easy and cool looking stand for an instrument. I say easy because it only took about 30 minutes on my first attempt.

What you need-
- 2 fibreglass tent poles with metal joiners on one end
-30cm of stiff wire
-Thin foam packaging
- 40cm of string
-Pine 90x10x20 (mm)
-Pine 120x90x50 (mm)

Step 1: Bend the Wire to Make the Neck Support

Take the wire and bend it in half. Putting one end in a vice twist the the wire round itself, only do this halfway along the wire. Take 1 tent pole and cut the metal part of it off. Drill a 4mm hole through the top of the metal part for the wire to go through. Thread the wire which hasn't been twisted through the hole in the pole and continue to twist on the other side of it. Bend the twisted wire into a neck support.

Step 2: Add the Foam

Cut the foam into one long strip or two shorter ones if you don't have enough.
Push the foam through the end on one side and start to wrap it around, I managed to go up and down 2 times. Tuck the end of the foam behind another so it looks better. When it is on tie it down with some string, do it all along the foam.

Step 3: The Wood for the Supports

Drill one 8mm hole through the top of the 90x10x20 (mm). this is so it can slide up and down for different sizes of ukes. For the two supports cut the pole, that you took the the metal end off, in half. (be careful of fibreglass splinters). In the wood drill two horizontal 8mm holes and put the fibreglass poles in the two holes.

Step 4: Wood for the Base

Take the wood for the base and drill a slanting hole (8mm) and drill it into the base. It should be slanting so that the instrument doesn't fall off. I gave the base and the other piece of wood a good sand with  a palm sander so it looked neat and was smooth. Hit an entire pole gently with a hammer into the base. Put the metal end in the hole so that the other black end can connect to the neck support.

Step 5: Finished

Put it all together and you have a cheap and quick to make instument stand, you could size it up and make it a guitar stand.
I hope you enjoyed this and that it made sense.
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