Introduction: How to Get MXit on Your Sony PSP

Have you ever wanted to chat on MXit (a free mobile chatting program) on your PSP? Well today i'm going to show you how to get it.

Step 1: What You Need

This is what you are going to need:

1) A HACKED PSP, needs custom firmware (
2) A wireless router
4) MXit v5.9.2 (

Step 2: Copy the Needed Files

Now you need to copy the needed files onto your PSP.

1st extract the the file named "" with WinRar or WinZip
Then connect your PSP to the pc and copy the folder "pspkvm" to your PSP/GAME folder
Then you need to extract the file named "MXit v5.9.2.rar" and copy the folder to the root of your PSP.
Now unplug the PSP from your pc.

Step 3: Run PSPKVM

Now you need to switch your PSP on and go to game- memory stick- and run the application that say's PSPKVM.
Now in the application select "Find Applications" (at the top)
Then select "Install from memory stick (ms0:/)"
Then you have to browse your memory stick and select the folder that says " MXit v5.9.2"
Then you need to select the file that says "MXit v5.92 Handler UI121.jar"
Now you need to scroll down and select the bar that says "SonyEricsson (480*272)"
Just skip the "Operator Trick" by pressing the "SELECT" and then the "START" button on your PSP
When you know what the controls are you can go ahead and register or login if you are already registered 

Step 4: The Controls

NUM0:    Cross
 NUM1:    Square
 NUM2:    UP
 NUM3:    Triangle
 NUM4:    LEFT
 NUM5:    Shift+Circle
 NUM7:    Shift+Square
 NUM8:    DOWN
 NUM9:    Shift+Triangle
 *:       Shift+SELECT
 #:       Shift+START
 CLEAR:   Shift+Cross
 SELECT:   Circle
 Left Soft:   SELECT
 Right Soft:   START
 UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT:  Analog joy stick
 (* "Shift" = holding Left Trigger or Right Trigger)

 Left Trigger + Right Trigger + Triangle: Multi-tasking key (Click to return AMS and put MIDlet to background)
 Left Trigger + Right Trigger + Cross:    Exit current running MIDlet

Step 5: Your Done!

And then when you are done connecting and logging in, you can go and chat with all your friends. Enjoy! :D
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