Introduction: How to Get a Dirt Cheap PSP

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In this ible, I will teach you how to get a dirt cheap (around$100<)(maybe free) psp 1000 or 2000 from ebay (it's going to be a buy it now thing.) And this is my first instructable, so, well, you know the drill.

*Legal Disclaimer* I am not liable for any electric shock, or any injury you endure while doing this. I am also not liable if you break your psp doing this.

(my computer was acting up, so I couldn't add image notes. Bare with me)

Step 1: Get a Broken PSP &amp; New Screen

Basically, you want to go to ebay and get a psp. ($100<) The key is to get one that runs just fine except it has a broken/missing screen. It has to only have a broken or missing screen, unless you want to repair more stuff. Then go buy a new lcd for your psp (I bought one for $17 off of

Step 2: Repair!

Isn't this so fun!!?!! Now, I will show you how to replace the screen (with help from Before you do anything, take out any memory sticks, UMDs, and batteries.

Step 3: Screws!

It's pretty self explanatory, but first you have to take off the seven screws (there may be more or less for the 3000 or 1000, this is for the 2000, but it's pretty much the same.) Don't forget to save the screws in a cup or something. After that, remove the faceplate, and set it aside.

Step 4: Prying

Now, you'll want to pry off the button bar and screen. When you do this, don't instantly rip it out because the screen is still attached via ribbon cable.

Pic. 1 - Pry up there
Pic. 2 - There
pic. 3 - And with the little clips ON BOTH SIDES (of the screen)

Step 5: Removal &amp; Reinstallation

O.K, you're almost there. Now you'll want to flip over the lcd towards you while keeping the rest of the psp stationary. After that, remove all three ribbon cables by pulling them straight up. These are the backlight, lcd, and button bar cables, respectively. Make sure not to pull them out at an angle, because you could bend the sockets or pins in the cables.

Step 6: The Last Step

Such a creative step name, eh? (no, I'm not Canadian) So now, you have your old lcd taken out, and you can do whatever you want with it ( burn it, smash it, whatever.) Now take your flux capacitor out* and go back in time and when you get to when you took out the lcd, stop time, replace the screen that the other you has with the new screen, and go back to when you started this 'ible, kill your other self, then go on your merry little way. But really, just reverse the steps. And you're done! check out ibles like this. hope you had fun!

*not necessary