How to Get Videos From Youtube to Your PS3

Introduction: How to Get Videos From Youtube to Your PS3

My PS3 is 120 or 180 gigs and the games take up so little of that space and I love youtube videos. So let us combine the two in an instructable. Well I don't take many pics, my cameras broke, so this is where my print-screen button comes in. All you need is....
1. A good computer
2. A good PS3 system
3. A flash drive or in my case an ipod nano

Step 1: Youtube

Ok so first thing is go to youtube and find the video you want. Very difficult, i know, but get to the video. On the page where the video is just copy the url. That is it for youtube.

Step 2:

Got to this website. and on the site there is a url box and just paste that youtube url right there. Next is the difficult part. Click the DOWNLOAD button.

Step 3: The List.

Next there will be a list of formats to download the video in. I personally love mp4. Easy to use and works if i want it on my ipod and that is the format PS3 runs easily. Click download to one of the formats and it will auto download.

Step 4: Put It on the Flash Drive.

Short step. Put the file on your flash drive.
Thats it.

Step 5: One More Step.

Plug in your flash/thumb drive or ipod to your PS3 system. Go onto your videos on the XBM and look for the device. When you're on the device press triangle it will show "display all" and "information". Press display all and look for the folder, find the video file and press triangle again and click on "copy". It automatically saves the file to the PS3 and there you have it. Youtube to PS3 in about 3 minutes. No buffering videos and so on. Thanks for reading and please comment and rate this instructable as it is one of my first.

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    5 years ago

    I always use Acethinker Video Downloader to extract audio from YouTube video as mp3 for my iPod touch, free and works pretty well. it should work for PS3 as well. You just need to copy the YouTube video URL into the app box, and then click the Download button. The app will analytic the video and start the download process automatically. You can select MP3 or MP4 as output video format for your PS3.


    5 years ago

    There are two ways to do it.

    Use Wondershare AllMyTube.

    1. It can help download videos directly from and convert the video to any format you want. So that you can transfer the video easily to your PS3 and enjoy the video at anytime anywhere.

    2. Or you can use this program to record the video and convert it to your device.

    PS: Video Converter Ultimate can do this job nicely and quickly.

    Read more : How to Download 4K YouTube Video


    6 years ago

    As long as you could download YouTube to MP4, it should play well on PS3 or other portable devices. If you need a quick workaround, you could use the service provided by sites like Keepvid, they only require an URL to download target video. And if you're looking for more flexibly options, you may install a free extension like DownloadHelper to your browser, it also provides a task list to control over the download process. More tips:


    11 years ago on Introduction

    OR you can just visit the (specialized for ps3) youtube page on the browser...