Introduction: Make a Usb Reciver From Regular Usb Cord for Xbox Mod

I always had problems not having a "female" part for the usb connector that i use to mod my Xbox with another instructable so i will show u how to make the recieving part of it and it is only a one step process that is so easy.

Step 1: Pieces U Need

U will need a usb cord (sorry i took pictures afterward) another usb piece and a set o' pliers or o'clippers! I IS O'IRISH not really

Step 2: The Stripping

Strip and clip the metal from around the platic piece and it successfully fits the usb transmitter (i know it is not a transmitter it is the male piece.

Step 3: It Is Alive!

Just in time to mod is my usb female piece for the modding. and i have hooked it up and it works. So it was not a step or maybe it was but the piece works so this is my first instructable so i will have many more to come. Enjoy and o'Comment!