Introduction: How to Give an Internet Access to Raspberry Pi Zero

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Today, I am going to show you that we want to give an internet access to our unique Raspberry Pi family's new guest as called Pi Zero!

As you can see that there are no ethernet socket, USB ports, and embedded Wi-Fi antenna on our board Pi Zero, we need to give it a chance to surf on the internet. So, you've got a problem and I have got some solutions for this issue.

First of all, the solution is not the only one. I would like to show you some diagrams to solve your problem.

Step 1: Solution 1

The need list:

  1. OTG Cable (supports micro USB)
  2. RJ45 to USB converter
  3. Ethernet cable (long enough)
  4. Your modem in your place

The connections can be done according to the picture. You can give internet connections directly to your Pi Zero board.

Step 2: Solution 2

The need list:

  1. Micro USB to RJ45 converter (supports micro USB)
  2. Ethernet cable (long enough)
  3. Your modem in your place

The connections can be done according to the picture. You can give internet connections directly to your Pi Zero board.

Step 3: Solution 3

The need list:

  1. Smart Phone (Android, iOS e.t.c.) (Needed to support USB type internet sharing via wire)
  2. OTG cable (one side is micro USB type)
  3. Your smart phone's charging/data cable

You can give internet connections directly to your Pi Zero board. You need to follow some near path seems like Settings >> İnternet Connections >> Sharing internet connections via USB method on your smart phone. After your selections, your Pi Zero can open any internet page from your mobile phone's internet access.

Note: Your mobile phone has to be connected with 2G/3G/4G technologies using your SIM Card that this may be consume your internet packages, and you may faces some more over data usage bills. Please be careful and be aware of your operator's internet services for providing you to an internet access while you are connecting over your SIM Card.

Step 4: Solution 4

The Need List:

  1. OTG Cable
  2. USB Wi-Fi Stick

If you used to use Wi-Fi stick to give internet to your previous Raspberry Pi's boards, this means, you can provide an internet access to your new friend as called Raspberry Pi Zero via Wi-Fi stick, too!

Important Note for the first time internet access providers to Raspberry Pi Zero users:

According to the solution 4's picture, it may be not so easy to get connected via Wi-Fi USB Stick. Because you have to do one of the three beforer solutions to prodive an internet access first to Pi Zero in order to update your operating system's configurations over internet on your new board. If you downloaded NOOBS and you have just newly installed new Raspbian distribution on Pi Zero, you may have to run your terminal to run these popular well-known codes below first when you are recently connected to internet (following first three solutions maybe), and then try to use Wi-Fi USB Stick to connect internet via your Wi-Fi modem as a secondary internet connection way that will be your the only one way to provide an internet access maybe.

The codes are:

sudo apt-get update<br>
sudo apt-get upgrade<br>
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade<br>
sudo rpi-update

To sum up, if you want to provide an internet access to Pi Zero with using Wi-Fi USB Stick, you have to give an internet connection in advance by other connection methods, in case.

After connecting Wi-Fi USB Stick, you can easily go to your internet settings, then select your modem name and enter your password. (See second picture on this solution 4)


That's all !

Step 5: BONUS: Reading This Instructable

NOTE: This instructable's step is aimed for visually impaired people to hear the sentences to learn what's going on here. Watch the video, it explains all steps.

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