Introduction: How to Hack an Ipod Into a Case for an HPDA, Cigarettes, Money, Business Cards... Etc.

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Early one morning I was at work (in a small center city coffee shop), brewing a large tub of ice tea. For some reason it seemed like a great idea to have my Ipod in my hand while I was trying to move the tub. The details are a little hazy, but somehow the Ipod ended up in the boiling hot tub of tea. Although it can't play any longer I kept it for a year before disassembling it in the hopes that one day it would work again.

When I finally did crack the Ipod open I guess I thought I would suddenly know the secrets of Mac and expertly fix my ipod. I quickly realized how technology illiterate I am and needed a new plan of action. I have finally found it a purpose. Your broken Ipod can now have a second life too as a case for an HPDA, cigarettes, wallet & whatever you can fit in it really. I was inspired by the cigarette case by TulipSociety's Tara.

To do this you really shouldn't need any extra materials. Whatever you have should be fine.

What you will need:
an Ipod
adhesive that will bond to metal (epoxy, zap-a-gap, superglue)
hinge and clasp (fabric, ribbon, paper, actual tiny hinges and clasps?)
something to pry the ipod apart with (I used a tack.)
tiny screwdrivers for impossibly tiny screws (or the tip of a dull Exacto blade)

black paint

Step 1: Hacking Into the Ipod

Youll need something thin and sharp enough to get between the Ipod halves and thick enough to loosen them. I used a tack at the bottom of the Ipod. Once it was split I ran it up the sides of the Ipod until there was a space large enough to pry with my fingers or a screwdriver or whatever you have laying next to you.

Once you get it open, enjoy adventuring through a tiny little world of technology.

Step 2: Taking It All Apart.

A lot of the pieces can removed manually but some require the tiny screwdriver or dull exacto blade. (Note. If using a blade to unscrew the screws, be very careful you dont slip up!!!) You can cut the ribbons with a blade or scissors.

Youll notice on the lid rim there are tabs to keep the Ipod in place. If you leave all of them youll constantly have to hack into the Ipod case again. I chose to gut the Ipod of all its insides and tabs. Removing ALL the tabs may have been a mistake, I think its too loose now. You can choose how you want it.

After everything was removed, I glued the circular buttons back in the center with zap-a-gap.

Step 3: Adding a Hinge and Clasp.

I didn't want a real hinge or clasp. I decided on a fabric one instead.

Glue the fabric, paper, plastic, whatever you have to use as the hinge, in place. There are all sorts of options for the clasp. I used some plastic from inside the case to make a pencil locked clasp and cut some tyvek for the hinge.

I didn't like the way they looked after I did it and instead made a clasp with some ribbon and wrapped it around the Ipod and changed the hinge to a black fabric. Both I glued in with the zap-a-gap.

You could do something similar or employ a different technique. You can even use two ribbons and tie them, what ever you want.

Step 4: Customizing.

Once the glue holding the hinges and clasp are dry, youre done.

The only think left to do is take care of the screen. You can paint it black, leave it clear, add a photo, glue in a mirror or your business card, etc.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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