Introduction: How to Hack Old Cell Phone to Power Up Your Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

This is my first instructables so bear with me.

The idea came to me because I am trying to find a cheap way of powering up my cheap InLand Bluetooth Keyboard. It seems that every couple months I have to replace the AAA batteries. It uses 2x1.5V AAA so I know it needs around 3 or so volt.
I have a couple old flip phones that has 3.6V rechargeable battery and it still works so I know I can use the phone case to charge the battery. I then try to figure out how to keep the battery in the cell phone and hack it somehow to get the positive and negative terminal out and wire it to the keyboard.

You don't have to strip your cell phone like I did. I just happened to already strip it off.

I have not make the connection permanent but plan to make it a bit prettier and may be route the wire to the side instead from the bottom. Then somehow hid the cell phone at the bottom of the keyboard. Anyway, you get my point.

Future projects probably how to use old calculator solar panel to power the keyboard.

Ok lets start with the first step.

Step 1: Get Your Old Cell Phone and Identify the Battery Terminals

In the picture here you will see that I have the battery removed and notice where your positive and negative are.
On mine I have to use the out side terminals and measure to make sure you have the right amount of voltage you need.
In my case, it is around 3V (2x1.5AAA). 

Then you probably need to figure out how you can get under the battery terminal teeth on your cell phone. On mine, it is pretty easy. There is already a small hole that I can slide my green wire and I just put the stripped end of the 2 wires under the two outer teeth. 
You should probably put a red tape or some mark to identify which will be the positive and negative.

Step 2: Solder in Wires on the Keyboard Battery Terminals and Connect to the Cellphone

Now get your keyboard and take out the old batteries. Solder in 2 wires one each to the positive and negative terminals.
All you need to do next is to connect these 2 wires to the green wires from the cell phone. 

I tried putting the cell phone charger on mine while using it with the keyboard and it is still working. 
Alternatively you could charge it while the keyboard is off at night time.

Thanks for reading.