Introduction: How to Have a Home With No House Payments and No Utility Bills!

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What would YOU do if you had no house payments and no utility bills ?

In this series of videos I show you how to find cheap land, build a cabin for under $2000, and use solar and propane to power your home.

Watch the intro video first for an overview of the homestead and then each video covers a specific system of the cabin

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For more videos, information and complete plans please visit:

Step 1:

Find land-

you can find cheap land on Ebay, at tax sales, through family, and by looking around most rural areas. 

I have purchased one acre lots for under $400 in Arizona and 5 acre lots for under $700 in Texas.  This will be untamed land with no utilities and maybe dirt road access but you can do amazing things to improve any land with a little know how and hard work.

Look for land with no building codes and zoned for homes and low property taxes!

Step 2:

Build your house-

I built the cabin you see for under $2000 from all new materials except doors and windows which are salvaged.

You can build any style home you want but keep it simple and small for energy efficiency. My cabin is 14x14 with a loft bedroom and office upstairs and kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and living area downstairs. The cabin is designed to be expanded with additions on any of 3 sides if you need more room and have the money.

The cabin roof is designed for maximum snow load and the cabin is insulated and small enough to be heated with just a small propane furnace.

You can drill your own water well as I did, have one drilled, haul water, and harvest rainwater.

I use a solar composting toilet of my own design or you can buy commercial composting toilets or install a septic system and drain field. Gray water should be recycled back to your garden and trees.

Step 3:

Install power-

I use a small 350 watt solar electric system under $3000 to power my lights, water pump, TVs, laptop, and gadgets. Solar and wind power are easy to install and very inexpensive for small systems. I have broadband internet and you can get satellite internet and TV anywhere.

I use propane for my fridge, stove, furnace and On Demand water heater. Propane is fairly inexpensive and it costs me under $200 for a years supply.

You could also use a wood stove or solar ovens and passive solar heat if you want.

Step 4:

Be self sufficient-

I raise a garden, fruit trees, rabbits, and chickens for most of my food supply and live near the mountains where there is lots of hunting and fishing available.

You can grow your own delicious food and eat healthier and cheaper than store bought food. Animals are a joy to raise and will provide food and manure for your garden and fruit trees.

You can grow enough food  for yourself and sell extra to neighbors or at a farmers market for income. Learn to make wood crafts or other craft items for yourself and to sell.

Step 5:

Work or play-

Start a small homestead business or an online business for income. Sell your produce and crafts. Teach classes online, write books or music, be an inventor, travel, or just enjoy living!

When you have no house payments and no utility bills you do not need much money and you can keep more of the money you make!

Step 6:

Thank You!

For letting me share my simple solar homestead with you and if you enjoyed it and would like to learn more please visit my website for more videos of the interior and all the systems of the cabin and complete plans!

Simple Solar Homesteading