How to Make 1,000 Cranes (Pocket Sized!)




Introduction: How to Make 1,000 Cranes (Pocket Sized!)

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This Pocket Sized instructable is based off of my 2nd instructable "How to Make 1,000 Cranes (or Just One!!!)". But I mentioned at the end that a good way to make your way to 1,000 cranes is to have some paper around with you so you that you can make cranes whenever you have idle time. :)

((I actually DID use this technique to make 250 of the cranes in my 1,000 cranes collection.))

You will need::
::An Altoids tin
::A smaller tin (preferably a small Red Penguin tin.)

Step 1: How to Make the Crane

This is my instructable for make one/1,000 cranes, it has instructions on how to fold one.
(this is for, of course, if you don't know how to make one)...

Step 2: Making the Paper.

The paper I used is some Korean origami paper...
The paper is 6" x 6" or 15cm x 15cm.
For the tin I used, I made the paper into 16ths. (make paper into fourths, and making the fourths into fourths to make sixteenths.) And they fit perfectly in it...

::Make each sheet into 16ths.

Step 3: Making the Stacks.


1. You should have your stacks now, however many you want.
2. Take one stack and place them all down laid out.
3. Take a second stack and put one on each.
4. Now the third...
5. Until you finish your stacks.

Step 4: Putting It All Together...


1. Put all the stacks together. (This is to avoid monotony when folding cranes.)
2. Put the papers in your smaller tin.
3. Put the tin inside your Altoids tin.
4. Put the tissue in the larger tin... (this is until you get a good amount of cranes in the tin)

Step 5: Start Folding!

1. the tissue is (was) to prevent your smaller tin from being loud and noisy (until you have some cranes in there) when you have it in your pocket!
2. Fits snugly.
3. All conveniently in an Altoids tin!

4. Now, your tin will get full after 20 or so cranes... So you will need to put your spoils in a safe place.

But when you're going places, you can always have your 1,000 cranes (Pocket Sized) with you when you go to places like the dentist, doctor, riding as a passenger in a car, on the bus, in idle time!!

Thank you for checking out my 3rd instructable... my entry for the Pocket Sized Contest!!
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    Tin inside a tin eh?


    But seriously, nice idea, I might just have to try it!


    13 years ago on Introduction

     I put a corner of a small card box in the corner to hold the paper - and attached some 10cm square paper folded in half to the lid with a magnet.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    What small box/tin did you use? Because with the red penguin mint tin, the inside has a lip that holds the paper securely. And the magnet idea sounds good for larger papers to fit inside, i'm guessing?


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I made 1000 cranes at for the Japanese club at my school. It took a long time and ended up being given to (I think) someone in hospital as a get well thing.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for the link. I've looked around for some at convenience stores and such, but never found one. (i just had the penguin tin laying around because someone gave it to me.)