Introduction: How to Make Coffee Liqueur Easily!

I really like Kahlua milk. After I knew that I can make coffee liqueur by myself, I had to do it.

And I want to share this simple recipe with you :)

Step 1: Materials

Very simple ingredients are :

1. Roasted coffee bean 1

2. White sugar 1

3. Liquor 2

and you need a bottle to contain them.

The bottle must be sterilized in some manner. I just done it with boiling water.

Normally Vodka is used as liquor. 100 proof is good but 80 proof is okay.

I just used Soju, which is traditional liquor of Korea, because it was easy to get for me.

I think any pure distilled liquor is okay.

The numbers next to the ingredients indicates the ratio of them.

I used them in 1 : 1 : 2, but it is flexible following your favor.

Step 2: Put in Coffee Bean!

Just simply, put in coffee bean first.

Step 3: Put in Sugar and Liquor!

and put in sugar and liquor.

Step 4: Mix It!

Now, mix it after covering the bottle.

When choosing a bottle, choosing a bottle of larger size than the ingredients is good.

If it is so tight, you can get trouble mixing the ingredients.

Step 5: Wait, at Least a Month.

This picture is taken after 5 days :) ( I'm really looking forward to open it)

You have to wait for at least a month. I think this is the hardest part of making it.

Mix it once a 3~4 days for a month.

Open the cap once in a while to release gas.

When it is time to finish, filter and pour to new 'sterilized' bottle.

And enjoy your home made coffee liquor!

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