Introduction: How to Make Emergency Butter Candle

In this video tutorial, I will show u make an Emergency Candle from a block of Butter
This candle can burn over 4 hours!

You will need:

  • Salted butter
  • Toilet paper

Step 1: You Will Need a Block of Butter

I use Salted butter

Step 2: Cut the Butter in Half

You can make a candle out of half block of butter

Step 3: Use Toilet Paper As Wick

I tear a section of toilet paper to a square shape

Step 4: Fold Toilet Paper in Half

Hold paper in diamond shape position and fold down, to make a triangle

Step 5: Twist Paper Into a Wick Shape

Roll paper into a tube shape, then twist both end to get a wick shape

Step 6: Ensure Wick Have Sufficient Length

Place wick was L shape in front butter, ensure sufficient length above butter

Step 7: Make Hole in Center

I use a chopstick, make a hold almost to end of butter

Step 8: Insert Wick Into Prepared Hole

With the help of a stick, slowly ease the wick into the hole

Step 9: Spread Butter Over Wick

To help the candle lit properly

Step 10: Lit the Wick With a Lighter

With wick soak in butter, it should burn properly

Step 11: Voila! Butter Candle!

Congrat! You have successfully make an Emergency candle from a block of butter!

Turn off the light to watch it flicker in the dark. :)

Repeat the process with the other half block of butter if u need more candle..