Introduction: How to Make Instagram Filters in Photoshop

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Today i want to show you how to make instagram filters in photoshop in few simple clicks. The most important thing - all filters will be non-destructive and editable. So, let's start! :)

Step 1: Adjustment Layers

We will make all the effects using "Adjustment Layers".

So, first of all - open your image.

Go to layer-new adjustment layer-curves. Now we can edit the image just by double click on our adjustment layer.

Step 2: Amaro Filter

Our first filter will be "Amaro". Double click on our asdjutment layers and go to "red channel" and change the point to positions just like on picture. After make same with "Green" and "Blue" channels.

Now Amaro Filter is ready :) You can off/on effect just by clicking on eye icon near adjustment layer and also it's very simple to change effect - just play a little with curves or change opacity of the adjustment layer.

Step 3: Mayfair Filter

We will make all other effects just in the same way. So, I will just add screenshoots with curves settings to each step.

Step 4: Rise Filter

Step 5: Hudson Filter

Step 6: Valencia Filter

Step 7: X-Pro II Filter

Step 8: Sierra Filter

Step 9: Willow Filter

To make this filter we need make another adjustment layer. Change Background and Foreground colors like on picture. Now go to layer-new adjusment layer-gradient map. This layer must be under our curves adjustment layer.

Step 10: Lo-Fi Filter

Step 11: Earlybird Filter

Step 12: Sutro Filter

Step 13: Toaster Filter

Step 14: Brannan Filter

Step 15: InkWell Filter

To make this filter we will need again an gradient layer. You must place this gradient layer above the curves layer. Also we will change RGB channel in general.

Step 16: Walden Filter

Step 17: Hefe Filter

Step 18: Nashville Filter

Step 19: 1977 Filter

Step 20: Kelvin Filter

Step 21: How to Add Vignettes to Your Photos?

Now I want to show you how to add vignettes to your photos.

First of all - make new fill layer. Go to layer-new-gradient fill.

Change style to "Radial" and click on "Reverse".

Now select your gradient fill layer and change blending mode to "Overlay" and change opacity to 45%. You can also try "Soft Light" blending mode and change the opacity to different values for the best effect.

Thanks for your attention! :)

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