Introduction: Photoshop Pattern From Shape, Text or Png File.

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In this tutorial I will show you how to make simple pattern from your shapes, png files or text layers.

Step 1: Preparation

First of all you need to create a new document in Photoshop.

Go to file - new and create new document with next options:

- 1800x1800 px

- 300 dpi

Step 2: Creating a Shape

Select any shape you want in left menu and put it above your background layer.

For this future pattern I chose a Ellipse Tool.

Step 3: Сentering

Now we need to put our shape in the center of our document.

Click on background in layer panel then hold shift and click on your shape.

Select "Move tool" and click on these buttons to put your shape in center of document.

As you can see now our shape is right in the center of our document.

Step 4: Preparating Smart Objects

Right click on shape layer and select "Comvert to smart object" then duplicate the layer using right click - duplicate layer.

Step 5: Creating Pattern

Now select one of your shapes and go to Filter-Other-Offset.

Set the parameters to +900; +900.

Step 6: Coloring

Now we can change colors of your pattern elements.

Double click on your first shape in layer panel.

Click on "color overlay" and select any color you want to use.

Step 7: Saving Your Pattern

Now we can save our new pattern to Photoshop pat. format.

Go to edit-define pattern. Select name for your pattern and click ok.

Step 8: Use of Your Pattern

Your pattern is ready to use now!

If you want to cover any of your layers with the pattern: use double click on layer - pattern overlay.

Then select your pattern and set any parameters you want to use.

This method also works well with your text layers and png files.

Step 9: About

There are thousands of ways to use your pattern. I listed some examples above.

Check my "Animated Pattern Creation Kit" for photoshop If you want to create your patterns in few simple clicks and animate them into beautiful .gif or video files.

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