Introduction: How to Make Jamun Seed Powder Which Controls Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

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We have a huge Jamun tree (Botanical name : Syzygium cumini) at our home garden, which bears deep purple colored fruits during the months of June and July. The fruits are also known as Jambul or Indian Blackberry having sweet and sour taste. All parts of this tree, leaves, bark, fruit and seeds have medicinal properties and are being used in Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of various ailments. The dried seed powder is known to control Type 2 Diabetes and is even sold in Amazon and ebay stores.

This instructable will guide you in simple steps on how to make Jamun seed powder easily at home.

Step 1: Separate Seeds From Fruits

  • Clean the fruits and keep in a medium sized container
  • Squeeze out the seeds with your fingers to remove the flesh and store in a different container
  • Wash the seeds thoroughly so that any remaining flesh attached to the seeds are cleaned out
  • Make a smoothie with the seedless fruits and enjoy

The last picture shows the washed seeds ready for drying

Step 2: Sun-dry the Seeds

Spread the seeds in a clean cloth and keep it in the sun for drying. After two to three days in the sun, the outer shell becomes loose and can be very easily peeled off.

Step 3: Peel Off the Outer Shell

Once the outer shell becomes dry, you can very easily peel of the skin and collect the green inner core of the seeds.

Step 4: Dry the Inner Core

The green inner core can be easily broken into pieces by pressing with your fingers, which will accelerate the drying process. Keep them in the sun for few more days till they are completely dried.

Step 5: Make Powder

  • Using a mixture-grinder, powder the dried seeds.
  • Sieve the crushed seeds.
  • Repeat crushing and sieving few more times till most of the dried seed powder passes through the sieve.
  • Do not throw away the remains. You can mix them with the sieved powder.
  • Store the powder in air-tight container.

Our Jamun seed powder is ready

Step 6: How to Use the Jamun Seed Powder

Take about half a tea-spoon, that is about 3 grams, of the seed powder early morning with water in empty stomach. If you are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, this seed powder will bring you great relief.