Introduction: How to Make Oatmeal (Senseo Edition)

Today, we're learning to make oatmeal in an office or makerspace that doesn't have a water heater or stove, but does have a Senseo Coffee machine; 'cause why not?

First, you'll need to gather your supplies:

Instant Oatmeal

Small Disposable Bowls (Winn-Dixie brand used here)


Senseo Coffee Machine

Step 1: Dispurse Oatmeal

Open four packets of instant oatmeal. If you have no oatmeal, simply get in your T.A.R.D.I.S. and go get some.

Place contents of oatmeal packets into a small size bowl. Four fit in here nicely.

It seems that X volume of oatmeal plus Y volume of water equals roughly X volume of wetter oatmeal. Based loosely on this theory, if your oatmeal fits in the bowl with enough room to stir carefully, your oatmeal will continue to fit in the bowl after you add water. Please note, this calculation is based upon utilizing the Senseo Coffee machine as your water applicator, not a garden hose.

Step 2: Prepare Water

Remove the back of the Senseo Coffee machine and fill it with water. I used Reverse Osmosis water so my oatmeal would taste mostly like oatmeal. If you'd prefer your oatmeal to taste like chlorine or lead pipes, feel free to use whatever your city provides.

Don't have RO water? Bottled water tastes only mildly of an old couple in Zephyrhills, FL sitting in a bathtub, so that should work in a pinch.

Once your water is in the Senseo, depress the center button. You should hear a whirling and popping as the steampunk magiks begin. When things are steamy, the button will red ring of death. I assume you should likely die if you take things apart at this point. Don't.

Step 3: Make Food

Now, prepare yourself to depress the right button of the Senseo. Don't forget to place your bowl under the spouts, as it is easy to become distracted by the chorus of oddities and possible sounds of impending doom that will shortly emanate from your Senseo. If things go wrong, don't forget to jump inside your T.A.R.D.I.S.

Hold the bowl under the spouts until all the water comes out, unless of course all the water is actually coming out. The Senseo should dispense the appropriate amount of water. If your bowl begins to overflow, something went horribly wrong. Give up and go get a mop.

Step 4: Make Food Cont.

Assuming you have made it this far, congratulations, you have food. Mostly.

Remember to stir your oatmeal unless you just like choking on random flavored powder, then washing it down with pockets of hot water.


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