Introduction: How to Make PS1 Games Change to Eboots for PSP Usage

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Hi i will show you how to make PS1 games work on a PSP.
FIrst have a PSP with CFW. Mine is 6.35 PRO-B9 beta.
Second find a PS1 game from the internet.
hirdly have Popstation GUI.

Step 1: Open the PS1 Iso.

Open it and you should find a bin and cue file. Now you should be wondering WTF how does this work on PSP just wait.

Step 2: This Is Where Popstation GUI Comes In.

Open Popstation GUI. You should see what looks like a game controller click that.
Then click the first browse button. Find the file of your PS1 game. Choose the CUE file.

Step 3: Get the New File.

Move the file with the new eboot to the Games folder in the Psp memory stick.
Done now go play that game.