Introduction: How to Make Papercraft Mermaid Pagemarkers for Filofax

Step one is to gather your tools! You will need:

Mixed media art paper
inking pens
coloured pencils/pencil crayons
craft paper
hole punch
whatever else you want to use!

Step 1:

Step one is to trace your pagemarker onto a sheet of art paper (I am using canson XL mixed media). This will serve as a size guide, and help you to add your holes later.

Step 2:

Step 2 is to draw your basic body, slightly overlapping the ruler. I use a normal mechanical pencil, but this will need to be erased later, so if you have troubles with mechanical pencils, use something softer.

Step 3:

Flesh out the character using details from reference material. In this case I was looking at shark photos, and pictures of the FiloRaks member this is for.

Step 4:

Add ink to the pieces you intend to colour, as well as anything inside those areas. I am using Staedtler pigment liner in 0.1 and 0.3.

Step 5:

Add colour to the areas you inked. In this case, the subject is pale, so I only added a marker base to her eyes. (using prismacolour marker)

Step 6:

Shade and colour the areas of skin that are exposed. Remember to add distinguishing features like freckles, tattoos, and makeup. I use Staedtler Ergosoft pencils, and silver sharpie for the jewelry.

Tip: using black pencil for the pupils rather than ink is a much less harsh look.

Step 7:

Cut out your character, leaving the ruler as much intact as possible. If there are small pieces, cut these out carefully with a craft knife. If you don't have a cutting mat, use the back of a magazine or telephone book to keep from damaging your table.

Step 8:

Reserve your ruler piece, and choose a variety of craft paper. I use origami paper and decorative tissue paper, but card stock and magazine pages work just as well!

Step 9:

Trace your first shape on the reverse side of your craft paper.

Step 10:

Cut out, and check for fit.

Step 11:

Trim for shape and recheck.

Step 12:

Use Glue tape to adhere craft paper to your drawing. Mine is from the dollarstore.

Step 13:

Repeat steps 9-12 until all areas are covered. I used some india ink for the hair, as I didn't like how the paper looked.

Step 14:

Finishing details. I used silver sharpie to give her top a polkadot pattern and silver strings, and white ink to highlight her hair and eyes.

Step 15:

Use your ruler cutout to position a stripe of paper to punch your holes in. Glue it down.

Step 16:

At this point, the back of your drawing will look a little scruffy. If you mind, use paper to cover it, then cut it out again.

Step 17:

Send your drawing through the laminator twice. 

Step 18:

Cut out the drawing, leaving a slight margin. 

Step 19:

Attach a piece of paper the size of your filofax over the strip of paper on the side of your drawing. Punch holes. Once the holes are punched, send it through the laminator again. Then cut slits up to the holes.

Step 20:

You are ready to use your pagemarker!