Introduction: How to Make Room Spray/perfume From Almost Anything

You would think it would be really hard to make room spray that smells great without the right equipment but you would be wrong its actually quite easy in this instructables i Will show you how to make perfume/ room spray.

Step 1: Ingredients

To make this you will need, whatever you want your spray to smell like for example lemon orange rose ginger cinnamon.
                                                  A sifter of some kind
                                                  two pots 
                                                  a bowl 
                                                   some water and ice/snow
                                                  double boiler works better then all these pots though 

Step 2: Process

To actually make the essential oil here is what you will do. First take a pot fill it less then half the way to the top with water
                                                                                              now place a sifter in this pot not touching the water.
                                                                                              now put the bowl in the sifter and place your fruit/"smelling agent" around it
                                                                                              put the other pot on top of the bottom pot and fill it with water with ice in it
                                                                                              now put all of this on the stove and turn it on.

        To make the water you mix the essential water with do the same thing except place the cup in the water and don't use a sifter or fruit.1

Step 3: Making the Spray

In order to make the spray this is what you do mix the essential oils with the cleansed water with  a ratio of 3 essential oils to 
now mix a small bit of vodka in and put the liquid in a spray bottle .

 Now you have your self homemade room spray.

Step 4: What Did I Learn From This Process

I learned what steam dissolution is, its when you  steam something and then it turns back into water when it touches the cold. This is key in making room spray because this is when the smell mixes with the water.

I learned that you need lots of ice to keep boiling water cold

I learned more then two pots at a time is really hard to deal with.

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