Introduction: How to Make Tri-fold Duct Tape Wallet

Intermediate wallet, and pretty thick. Has an ID pocket, a secret pocket, 4 other pockets and a billfold. Takes about 30 minutes to make, and all you need is duct tape and clear tape. You could also have Velcro. I suggest using Duck Brand Duct tape, because it is really strong, and other brands wont last as long.

you can have any color of duct tape, but I recommend buying 1 or 2 rolls before starting. I am going to be using sports duct tape,black, and blue. should last for about a year, if you craft it well.

And if you don't get it right the first time, remember, practice makes perfect!

Step 1: Starting to Make the Billfold

The first thing you are going to want to do is cut 10 pieces of duct tape 9 inches long of your main color.

Step 2: Making the Billfold

next you are going to take one strip of tape, and put it on top of another, sticky side to sticky side, but leave 1/4 of an inch sticky side. then flip that over and put another strip of tape on top of that fourth of an inch space, sticky to sticky. then flip it over and put another strip on top of all the sticky that's left on the last strip of tape that you put down. keep doing this until you run out of strips.trim the edges.

Step 3: Finishing of the Billfold

fold the sheet in half, and cut a 9 inch strip of your other color, then cut that in half half of you other color on the top of the back of the side that's not folded(I know that's confusing.look at the picture). then, with the other half, cut it in half horizontally.put one half on one side of the sheet, then the same on the other side. flip it over and fold all of them down.then cut another strip of nine inch other color, cut it in half and place it on the front edge/border. save the other half, youll need it later. fold it over. trim any excess tape.

Step 4: Making the Small Pockets and the Big Pockets

grab a third color, or just use your second color,and cut 8  4 inch strips. then grab your second color and cut 3  4 inch strips.then grab two strips of your third color and stick them together, sticky side to sticky side. do the same with 2 other strips. then take one strip of your second color and put it on top of a strip of your third color. overlap about 1/3 of it. then on top of your third color, put another third color strip on top of it , sticky side to sticky side. then fold the excess tape sticking out of the top in half. do the same on another. cut your last strip in half vertically and place it above the one strip sheet. do the same on the other one. cut off any excess tape.

Step 5: Attatching the Pockets

remember that half strip that you saved? Well cut that horizontally every two inches. take one 2inch strip and put it on one side of the bigger pockets that you just made. do the same on the other side. then turn it upwards at a ninety degree angle and stick it on. do the same with the other one, but on the other side. now cut a 9 inch strip of tape of your second color, cut it in half horizontally, and cut each of those strips in half vertically. take one and put it on the side of the main billfold, and fold it over. same with the other side. now cut another strip of tape 4 inches long. cut it in half vertically and then cut each side in half horizontally. take two strips and put them on either side of a small pocket. tape it on over one of the big pockets. same with the other side. now take the two other half strips and do the same on the little pockets that you did with the big pockets. trim or fold over the edges.

Step 6: Making the ID and Secret Pocket

cut three strips of your second color that measures 4 inches. stick two together, sticky side sticky side. then fold the third one on the side to make it a little wider.
 now take your clear tape and cut 2 strips of tape that measure 4 inches. stick them together, sticky side to sticky side. now cut a four inch strip of tape with your second color, then cut it in half vertically. take both of them and stick them on either side of the clear tape fabric. then cut a strip of 2nd color tape that measures 2 inches, then cut it in half vertically. take one and fold it over the top of the clear tape fabric. now take the other half of tape and stick it on the bottom of the clear tape fabric, but don't fold it over. then stick that onto the 2nd color fabric that you just made. now stick that whole thing onto the middle of your wallet. now take a nine inch strip of tape, cut it in half vertically, and fold it over onto the bottom of your wallet. cut any excess tape. then just attach the Velcro, and your wallet is finito!

P.S. tell me in the comments what you want to make next.