Introduction: How to Make; Water Ice

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If you live in the northeast (like me) you may be aware of the Northeast drink chain called Rita's Water Ice. In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make a drink similar to their Ice Custard Happiness (Rita's slogan)

Step 1: Items and Ingredients

Ingredients/items needed to make water ice:
Blender or food processor
Flavored drink packets (ie. Kool-aid)
1/3 cup of Sugar
Food coloring(optional)
takes Approx. 10 minutes to make

Step 2: Adding Ice and Water

Fill your blender or food processor with ice and surround the ice with cold water

Step 3: Blend and Add Sugar

Begin to blend! Soon the ice will begin to just spin in your food processor or blender and not really chop up anymore(picture one). Now you add your 1/3 cup of sugar. The sugar adds friction so your ice will begin to chop better and it adds overall sweetness which the drink needs to taste good.

Step 4: Add Flavoring and Color

Almost done! Once all of the ice chopped so that it is very fine, you can go ahead and add your flavoring and food coloring(optional). I used 2 lemonade packets today, but you can use one kool-aid packets instead

Step 5: Enjoy!!!

Put your drink in a cup and go enjoy the summer! and try different flavors and colors. And vote for me in the Summer Food and Drink Contest!
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