How to Make Yeast Substitute at Home

Introduction: How to Make Yeast Substitute at Home

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When one wants to make some recipes utilizing yeast for example pizza base etc. and yeast is not available then, this is a very nice substitute to yeast. One can easily replace yeast with this material made up of bread and wheat flour. This material can be stored in refrigerator for even a month.

Step 1: Recipe


Bread slices – 2 pcs

Wheat flour – 1 cup



1. Crumble the bread slices using hand, add flour and using water make a nice thick dough. Keep this material at humid place for 3-4 hours once it ferments properly. Once fermented use small portion of this mixture in all the recipes where yeast is used.

2. For storage, store the material in refrigerator.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Won't this just produce a sour dough starter from captured airborne yeast spores? Sour dough bread is an acquired taste. It's truly delicious and has a unique texture, but it's not suitable for every purpose. I really like the idea of capturing your very own unique, local yeast spores. I don't believe there is any live yeast left in the bread slices. Thanks for promoting baking.