Introduction: How to Make a Bacon Bomb!

This is how I make a Bacon Bomb.

Requirements: One package of Bacon.
                             1lb of Ground Beef
                             1lb of Ground Spicy Sausage
                             Chopped Onion
                             Chopped Jalapeno
                             Chopped Red Bell Pepper

Step one: Remove the bacon from its package and weave the bacon together on a large surface. This will take a little time but go slowly and do this step right.

Step two: Now is the time to mix all the meat and vegetables together and place it in the middle of the weaved bacon.

Step three: With your hands form the bacon into a log shape. Stay several inches away from each edge.

Step four: At this point, begin to roll the near side of bacon up on top. Then roll the complete bacon bomb over. Take your time with this and get all the edges tucked underneath. At this point, I cut the bomb in half and made two smaller bacon bombs. I vacu-sealed one and froze it and then cooked the other.

Step five: Place your bomb upon a broiler pan and pop it in the oven at 275 degrees for 1 hour. I always check mine with a thermometer to make sure it atleast hits 160 degrees.

Step Six: Remove your bacon bomb and let rest 10 minutes. When you start to slice the bomb, beware, it always seems to be a free for all and it usually will be consumed very quickly!

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