How to Make a Bijou

Introduction: How to Make a Bijou

New York City, 1880s

Dave Stolte

Ready to make a Bijou?

Step 1: Cocktail Ingredients for a Bijou

Let's make sure you've got all the ingredients you need.

1 oz Old Tom gin or London Dry gin
1 oz Italian vermouth
1 oz green Chartreuse
1 dash orange bitters

Step 2: Preparation

Chill a cocktail glass in the freezer at least ten minutes.

In a mixing glass or shaker about a third-full with ice cubes, add all ingredients. Stir well to blend and chill, then strain into the chilled glass. No garnish.


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    5 years ago

    Looks like you have some expensive tastes, Chartreuse and Carpano Antica! But seriously this is one of my favorite cocktails and considering this Jewel, you have to go quality all the way. Nice set up btw.