Introduction: How to Make a Coca Cola Robot From Recyclables

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Hello everyone this is how to make a Coka Cola robot from recyclables so lets get started shall we?
down below you shall see the tools/materials used to make this object if you don't have these objects sent me a message or comment about it and i will try and find a substitute for it, o.k? 
these objects are:
1. Permanent marker
2. silicon gun
3. Driver drill
4. Plyers
5. Stanly knife
6. Silicon
7. Sticky tape  
8. 2 cans of finished soft drink 
9. Battery 
10. Colored wire
11. Burnt out light bulb 
12. Screws  

Step 1: Lets Get Started

First you should cut out the head with the the Stanley knife WARNING: be careful the aluminum can be sharp when cut up don't cut yourself. Next cut a rectangular hole in the can (with the Stanley knife)for the later made battery and light bulb to go then fit and sticky tape the hatch to the can so you can open and close the hatch.  

Step 2: Ready for the Next Couple of Steps?

Now you have to strip the colored wires(with the Plyers)  so the you can see the bronze wires underneath then break the bronze wires with the Plyers and after that you have to rap the bronze wires around the battery and then silicon them to the battery then you silicon the battery to the light bulb and wait for them to dry. p.s make sure you keep it levitated because it makes it easier to move it. 

Step 3: Putting the Feet On

o.k now you have to take the caps lids and silicon them to the bottom of the can so i kind of looks like a little penguin if i does good job =) 

Step 4: While It's Drying

While your silicon is drying you should cut out a bit of aluminum from from the 2nd can. WARNING: be careful the aluminum can be sharp when cut up don't cut yourself.Then get your perminunt marker and draw the arms on then cut out the arms and screw them on to your robot. Hopefully your robots head and body should be dry so put that in to the slot and silicon it on and wait for it to dry. when it's dry your finished yay

Step 5: Finish Product

o.k i thought you might want to see the finished product again so i just made this slide enjoy  =)

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