Introduction: How to Make a DIY Wormbin

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Find out how you can make your own wormbin just with a couple of styrofoam boxes.

Step 1: Make Holes in the Bottom of the Boxes for the Worms to Crawl Through

I asked my local veggie shop owner for some boxes so I didn't have to buy any. If your boxes have holes in the bottom then you won't have to make any of your own. The worms will need holes to crawl through from one layer of the wormbin to the next. If they have holes in the side (like mine did) then you'll want to wrap the box in something to stop any light from getting through because worms like a dark environment.

Step 2: Wrap in a Large Garbage Bag

Only If your boxes have holes on the side. Otherwise you can skip this step.

Step 3: Add Bedding to the Top Layer of Your Worm Bin

You can use many different materials for bedding, I've used coco coir before but this time I'm using shredded newspaper.

Step 4: Add Your Worms

Once you've added your worms, give them a "blanket" by covering them with some sheets of newspaper and then moistening these sheets with some water.

Step 5: Cut a Hole in the Bottom and Tilt

You'll want to have a hole for any wormbin leachate to pour out of your bin rather than collect at the bottom of the bin.

To start, only add food slowly to the wormbin (after the worms have eaten through most of the bedding). You can feed your worms vegetables scraps, eggshells, tea, coffee grounds and you'll want to avoid feeding them onion, citrus, meat, dairy or anything too oily.

To learn more about worms, taking care of your wormbin and for information about growing with wormtea then check out my vermiponics blog or take a look at the vermiponics Facebook page.

And if you're looking for a wormbin that's a bit more aesthetic (and one that will last a bit longer) then you can always buy a wormbin on Amazon.

Thanks for reading!