Introduction: How to Make a Deuterium Reactor

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This Instructable will go through the process of making a Deuterium Reactor out of household appliances. The total cost is estimated to be anywhere from 2.00 to 7.00 USD.

The process of making Deuterium Reactors is very dangerous. Baby wipes are used, and baby wipes sting if they get in your eyes. Trust me, I almost went blind. Also wear closed-toe shoes. (crocs are acceptable)

Step 1: Step One: Staple Two Sheets of Looseleaf Paper to a Sheet of White Printer Paper.

Make sure you use real white printer paper and not the crappy kind.

Step 2: Step Two: Gently Dab the Stapled Sheets of Paper in Warm Water (over 87 Degrees Fahrenheit) for 14.5 Seconds.

This step is absolutely crucial. My bro Snoop asked if he could do this at 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and the answer was of course no. Doing this at 86 degrees Fahrenheit is dangerous and makes a mockery of out of everything in the name of science. 

Step 3: Step Three:

Sit your almost finished Deuterium Reactor out in the sun for 3-5 hours. Make sure the neighborhood kids don't mess with it, you might have to pay for their medical bills if they do. To ensure that they don't, stand at the front of your driveway making weird noises to frighten them away.

Step 4: Step Four:

Once your Reactor has sat in the sun for the right amount of time, bring it back into a garage or basement. The last step is to rub oregano all over it. Make sure you buy a quality brand of oregano or you might die. My finished Reactor is shown here.