Introduction: How to Make a Duct-Tape Dummy

In a land far far away, a single teen girl had nothing to do. With a brother who's very addicted to duct tape, (but he never uses it, explain that!) a duct tape man/woman is all she could think of. Well, here it is.

Note: Duct tape people are not good friends. They do not talk to you, (I'm sure some of you tech wizards could make them talk, though) or drive you places, or most certainly, they do not have money to lend.

Another note: I'm only a little one. Sorry if my instructions or pictures are kind of bad, comments on what I need to improve would be wonderful, or comments on how to make a camera work better. >.< Here we go. Oh, and, reading through this before attempting, if you would attempt it, would be a good idea. Or atleast the last step. Thats important. Sorry about my spelling, too. I tried my best, and lately my right click hasn't been working on firefox. Hmm.

Step 1: Materials

Stuff you need:

-Duct tape. lots of it. Considering I had no plans for what I was gonna do, I used half of 1 45yd roll, 2 more 45yd rolls, and a 55yd roll. All silver for me. Mine wasn't the "duck" brand, because I got it from the local dollar store for $3 each. The 55yd roll was duck brand though, and I noticed the off-brand was much easier to peel off, stuck just as well, and even smelled better. (Don't ask.) If you have an actual use for your duct tape dummy, reinforcements may be needed.

-Cling Wrap. It was Glad clear plastic wrap for me, 200sq ft pack. I didn't use nearly all of it, so you would have plenty left for its real purpose.

-Cutting tool. I used scissors, and a x-acto knife. I couldn't tell you how mad my mom was when she caught me sliding an x-acto knife down my arm to get the tape off, so if you have someone who cares about your protection, I would use scissors. Maybe one of those child-safe ones with the round edges. Or, by all means, take a chainsaw and run it up your arm. Just be careful. Not my fault if you hurt yourself.

-A helping hand. Trusty mom is always perfect, after she cooled down from that knife thing. If your right handed, your right arm will be the hardest to do, and you'll need a helping hand to get the tape off your arm. If your left handed, it will be the left for you. For you ampredexious (spelling fail) fellows, happy day for you. You don't need help.

-Stuffing. Whether it be pillows, old sheets, towels, rags, or your little brother (not recommended) you need to fill the duct people. I used a pillow for the chest, and random sheets for the arms and legs.

-Cardboard. very little cardboard is needed, for the head. I used an old Zoo York shoe box, from my new shoes, and it worked fine. Heck, you don't even need cardboard, if your okay with wrapping your head in stuff and ripping out all your hair and not breathing...yeah, I'd used the cardboard.

-Food. I'll explain later. Optional, of course.

-Skin. If you don't have this with you at all times, well...I wouldn't be surfing Instructables, I would go to the doctor. Now.

-Patience. For pretty much anything you do, you need patience.

-Music. Resist insanity.

Step 2: How-to Wrap

Lets begin. I started with the forearms. These next few steps can be in any order you wish, but I did it like this.

1. Get your duct tape, cling wrap, and cutting tool with you. (and your helper if your doing your dominant arm)

2. Wrap your arm in the cling wrap, from the elbow to the fingers. Cover every bit of your skin. I can't stress that enough. It will hurt, BAD.

3. Wrap the cling wrap in duct tape, fairly tightly to get your form. Be careful not to put it on exposed skin.

4. Be careful around your fingers, tape them together if you want, but it will look better with fingers separated.

5. Cut around your wrist, separating the hand from the forearm, and slip the hand off.

6. Cut a line down the forearm, and pull off.

7. Tape the forearm up, fixing the cut with duct tape.

8. tape the cut on the wrist part, reattaching the hand to the forearm.

9. repeat for your other arm.
Note: I did the complete thing before the instructable, so i'll create the best pictures i can.

Step 3: Forming a Dummy

I'll take out being extremely repetitive here. The body parts you need to make are:

-Forearms. One should already be done.

-Shoulder and top arms. Simple too, just do the same as the forearms, but without the hand cutting, meaning a straight line down the arm. Put up your long hair, unless you want a free and not so good haircut.

-feet and lower legs. Cut the foot off like you did the hands. I didn't do toes on the feet, its too small. go up to right below the knees, so it may bend.

-Upper legs. Stop at the underwear line. I had some trouble and they were not the same length, so my body is short.

-Pelvis. By far the most awkward to cut. Its pretty much making custom made duct tape underwear. Be sure to go with plenty of wrap, its better to have more then less. Leave your underwear/boxers on, of course.

-Stomach and chest. These can be done seperatly, but also work together. Having someone to hold your hair or cut your chest off for you would be helpful.

-Head. This will have its own step.

Step 4: ITS ALIVE!

The head. I must thank Super Cameraman for giving the initial idea. This is where the cardboard comes in. what i did was use his idea for the front side of the head, then the side, cutting them down, and sliding into each other. I recommend checking his instructable for more descriptive instructions. I filled it with an old sheet i had, then wrapped it up. I didn't do the second cardboard on the side, I'm not sure if I needed to though.
He has a very large nose, and no ears. whee.

Cameramans Link:

Again, if you want to wrap your head in duct tape, be my guest, just don't come complaining when your hair is gone, and you can't breathe...

The head can actually be done in many ways. My brother has a plaster mold of a head from an old science project, so something like that (perhaps foam, dress form head) would work to get the initial design.

Step 5: Assembly

Okay. Now you should have something that resembles a Barbie doll after your dog got it. If not, well, it better look better then that. Rip out that stuffing, its...stuffing...time. Grab those forearms, and the bottom part of the legs, and cram the sheets/pillows/rags/TP/your little brother into it. Tape the Upper arms to the stuffed forearms, and the upper leg to the bottom legs. Then stuff those. Got the process? Only stuff the arms and legs right now.

Grab your pelvis. Now, grab your duct tape pelvis >.< Shove the top of the legs in the nice holes in the underwear looking thing, (make sure left and right are correct) and tape around the outside AND inside. Now you should have a duct tape mold that resembles pants. Particularly, your pants. Mine turned out like a head short, i don't know why. I think the duct tape kinda scrunched up.

Attach the stomach and chest to the pelvis, then stuff. I used one small pillow for it all. Here comes the hard part.

Attach the BOTTOM of the shoulders to either side of the chest. The arms should be able to move still, and look like they could break off any second. Like..your armpit area, a few peices of tape across the bottom to keep it to hold, but you can still swing.

Step 6: Noms. We All Need Noms.

After a long time work of wrapping yourself, poking yourself, and taping a dummy, its time to eat.
I chose to eat some Stix things that taste like popcorn..but look like pretzel sticks. When my friend did this he decided to have some apple pie. Be sure to have a good nights rest, or a good time at work, or whatever you have to do when you get to this step. Continuing on.

Step 7: Shoulders

You should have a dummy with no neck, head, or collarbone. This step is how I did it, but i'm sure it would be possible to use other methods.

1. Find a roll of stuffing. A rolled up pillowcase in the shape of a long (long enough to reach shoulder to shoulder) cylinder works nicely.

2. position (or in my case, shove) the roll inbetween the shoulders.

3. tape the roll down so its makes the shoulders even, flat across the body.

4. Pull out that odd looking head and jam it on the shoulders, tape it down.

Step 8: Final Notes

The dummy has held up for about two months now. I lost an arm once, and a foot cause the dog got it. I did some more adjustments to it.

Sticks- Tree limbs. I actually got the idea from my brother having to trim the tree "limbs" and it reminded me of..yeah. So, I used dead tree sticks (maybe half an inch in diameter) and taped them to the limbs, so it was more solid and had bone like things. Another idea i had (but did not do) was putting the tree limbs INSIDE the dummy. Cleaner, and it has bones! Genius!

Tight duct tape- putting your duct tape very tight around the body is a fairly bad idea. It constricts the existing tape and makes your dummy smaller. Now that i look back on it, thats probably what i did.

Thats about it. Have fun! I'd love to have suggestions and comments.

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