Introduction: How to Make a Garden Pond

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Late spring is perfect for this project and it's easyer than people think. A pond enhances the style of the garden. Always have it in a sunny, open place.

Step 1: The Base

You can have two types of pond bases:

A fiber glass mold
A flexible liner

Pick and buy one in a gardening shop.

Step 2: Dig

Mark out the shape of your pond with a rope. Then dig out to the correct length. Make sure that the top of the pond is level.

Step 3: Cover Hole

Make sure nothing hard or sharp is at the bottom of the hole. Cover the base and shelves of the pond with a smooth layer of sand. Steach the linger over the hole but don't drape the liner into it or put the mold into the hole. If you are useing liner weigh it down with bricks or rocks.

Step 4: Fill With Water

Place your hose in the center of your pond and turn on the water. Once pond is full trim away extra liner if your useing it.

Step 5: Decorate

Line the perimiter of the pond with rocks concealing the mold/liner. Some plants can live in water and would do great in your pond such as lily pads. Add fish you will have to take care of them but they are a good thing to have as they make your pond more real. Once you have your pond you will be amazed of how much wildlife finds their way there. Frogs and fish eat bugs. Add a pump and a waterfall if you want.

Step 6: Maintenance

Feed any fish you have.

KEEP LEVEAS OUT OF POND a net over the pond may me necessary if around trees

in mid-fall and winter take out the pump and clean them, then store under cover

if you have a water oxygenators cut them back in winter

clean up fish food not eaten in 5-10 min

if pond freezes more than a few days fish can be kill so install a water heater