Introduction: How to Make a Harry Potter's Wand

In this tutorial I will show you how you can make a Harry Potter Wand with an old broken badminton racket.

Step 1: What You Need?

An old badminton racket, Now remove the handle stick of the racket from the Upper part, and you'll get a basic Wand

Step 2: Now You Need a Thick Double Coated Tape

Use a Thick double coated tape because it will make it easier to shape the wand as we want.

Step 3: Now Wrap It

Now wrap the double coated thick tape as shown in the image at the same distance and be sure to wrap less tape on the second half to make the volume of the extruded design smaller than the previous one.

Step 4: Black Tape's Turn

Now wrap black tape around the thin part of the stick where white double coated tape was used, cover that entire area by giving shape to the white tape unless you get the desired result.

Step 5: Here Is the Final Product

I hope you'll find it interesting and will cast some spells and amaze your friends, "wingardium Leviosa"