Introduction: How to Make a Heart Pop-Up Love Post-it Note (easy)

A sweet gesture every now and then can remind your sweetie how much he/she means to you. With this simple and easy heart pop-up love post-it, you can be more than likely to tell your sweetie something lovely all day, any day, everyday!

Step 1: Tools Needed.

A small sharp scissor, 2 different colored post-its preferably pink and blue, and a pen.

Step 2: Puncture Pink Post-it.

Start at the bottom and puncture the post-it with the sharp end of the scissor. (Sticky side of post-it should be on the bottom back).

Step 3: Cut a Heart Shape.

Cut around the post-it in the shape of a heart to create the first heart.

Step 4: Cut Another Heart.

Leave 1/8 an inch before finishing the heart and begin cutting another heart inside the first heart.
Cut around and around with your scissor to form another heart.

Step 5: Make Smallest Heart.

Continue cutting hearts until you get to the center. Make the smallest heart possible and stop.

Step 6: Stick Pink Post-it Onto Blue Post-it Note.

Put the pink cutout pop-up heart post-it onto the blue post-it note.

Step 7: Write a Message.

Use your pen and write a love message onto the blue post-it note using the pink heart as a background.

Step 8: Stick Post-it Onto Anywhere.

Post your love note anywhere where your lover will see. Finish! Get great feedback from your sweetie! <3

1. You can display the post-it two different ways, either by the intro photo or the step 8 photo. If displaying heart as step 8,  you can write *pull me* on the smallest heart for greater effect.
2. The pop-up can also be made with any other shape such as circles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, etc. Let your imagination & creativity run wild!

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