Introduction: How to Make a New Orleans Style Snowball

In this Instructable I will teach you my method on making the perfect snowball.

Step 1: The Snowizard Machine

The ice machine works when pulling a lever to the right which pushes the block of ice through the blades. The sharper the blades are , the softer the ice is. It also helps if the ice block is dry.

Step 2: The Ice

Load the ice block into your machine. The dryer the ice, the softer the snow ;however, if the ice is too soft you may have difficulty applying the snow cone to the cup.

Step 3: Choose a Cup

Depending on the size of the cup you may want to add the syrup or juice to the ice before applying the ice cone. For example, larger cups (24oz and 32oz) you may want to add the syrup to the ice first. That way the entire snowball will be covered.

Step 4: Optional Step

If you fill the cup halfway then add your syrup, you can also add condensed milk or ice cream depending on your preference.

Step 5: Adding the Cone

For this step, if you are a beginner, you may want to have some warm water nearby. You will also need a funnel that is approximately the same size as the lid of the cup you are using. Dip the funnel in warm water then put snow from the machine into the funnel. Lastly, apply the cone to the cup swiftly. If the ice is too soft you may need to add pack the ice more densely by adding more cones.

Step 6: "Shaving" the Ice

This step is to prevent spillage and unnecessary waste. Gently squeeze the edges of your cup. if done correctly the snowball should be slightly lifted from the cone. Use your funnel to gently shave the perimeter of the snowball, this should get rid of excess snow thus making pouring the juice easier and less messy.

Step 7: Adding Juice

There are plenty of different methods to adding your syrup or juice. If you concentrate the stream on a specific area, you should be able to create a hole through your cone. Be careful not to over/under pour to the juice.

Step 8: Add a Straw and a Spoon

Add a straw and spoon to the side of the cup. Be careful when using styrofoam to not poke the straw through the cup because this has happened to me several times while rushing.

Step 9: Clean Up

Use a paper napkin or rag to clean of the sides of your cup and any mess you may have made.

Step 10: Enjoy

If all the steps are done properly you should have a delicious snowball on your hands.