Introduction: How to Make a Redstone Cicada

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Well there is not many things in Redstone that make noise away from pistons, this I guess this is a glitch that dates back from indev when notch was trying to make a lanterns, he skipped the idea and made torches that used fuel people did not like the fuel part so he made them ever-lasting on fuel. and when notch made Redstone torches he edited the original script to burn out, and this glitch makes the same sound as fire burning out! if you seen minecraft 2.0 and you have seen torches burn out that is what this does!

Step 1: The Base

First we need the base to make it right? So build the base above.

Step 2: The Main Torches (The Only)

Sorry about the photo (I could not get any better than this.) Place a Redstone torch in what I call the nudge area of the system and the area in front of it (try to make up of the photo I have.

Step 3: Fill the Holes

Now fill the corners!

Step 4: Place the Redstone!

Now just place Redstone all about! NOTE: Do not place Redstone on the outward torch!. NOTE: the inward torch should turn off.

Step 5: Now Finish!

FIRST: Or this not work! Place any block above the inward torch. And then fix the hole Redstone and there! You have it! make as a alarm in multiplayer or a noise maker in single or multiplayer! Sorry but I can not show you how to make the bug casing in the intro. :(