Introduction: How to Make a Sega Genesis USB Jump Drive

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In my childhood days, I would play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for hours and hours on end between fruit roll up bites. I just loved my genesis, and I still have it plugged in to my TV so I can remember that time....

But when I found a broken Sega Genesis controller 11 years later at a thrift store, I decided to take my creativity and make something wonderful out of it. And this is the result.

Step 1: Materials

The items you will need are very simple. You will need...

- A Sega Genesis controller (keep in mind that you can do this with any controller you see fit, but use first-party controllers so it will be instantly recognizable).

- USB drive is a must (unless you intend on putting something else in there).

- A USB extension cable. I got mine from Big Lots for $7 USD as a complete set of USB extensions. It should be a Male to Female USB extension cable. You should try to get a USB extension cord that is the same color as the original controller cord (in my case, I used a black extension cord because white would just look weird).

- A dremel is optional. I used mine so that I can fit it in easier with the controller's rubber pads. Without the rubber pads, it fit in just fine.

Step 2: Step One: Disassemble

This is the fun part- taking apart the controller. My controller happened to have Philips-head screws in it, so it was easy to take apart. Just make sure you place your screws in a safe spot away from small children, dogs, and crazy neighbors. This is to prevent losing said screws so you can put it back together.

You may also want to remove anything that is not necessary for the operation of the USB drive you are using. This is so you can fit it in the controller easier. Since you won't be seeing the actual jump drive, feel free to do whatever you need to do to take off things you won't need.

Step 3: Step 3: Gutting

I'm sure this Sega controller has had it's share of awesomeness in the past ten years, but it's journey must now come to an end, and come back to life as something new, fresh, and useful.

So take out the circuitry of the controller. It should be pretty simple, since there is nothing to hold the circuitry in place. Keep the rubber pads. You'll need them later so you can make the buttons still "pushable", as if the circuitry is still there. That doesn't mean it will actually work, but it's just a cosmetic feature that just feels like it should.

Step 4: Step Four: Fitting the Jump Drive

This may or may not be where you'll need a Dremel. But Just in case you *do* use a Dremel, please...

Just use your head and be safe. Don't do stupid things with the Dremel.

Anyway, Dremel away at anything that you don't need, as long as you keep the pegs where you screw in the screws intact.

Plug in the USB jump drive into the extension cord, and gently set it in the controller. You may or may not have to dremel depending on your situation, but if you do, just keep cutting away a little at a time until it sets in perfectly without getting in the way of anything. Wiggle the wire around until you can wire it through the hole at the top of the controller.

Also, to retain the "Pushability" of the buttons (and D-pad), place the rubber pads on the buttons and tape a solid piece of plastic or other durable material on the pads. See the second picture for an example.

Step 5: Step Five: Reassemble

This should be pretty simple. Just put it back together the same way you took it apart, only in reverse.

I used the same picture from step two to show this principle.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Since this is a Sega Genesis Jump Drive, I thought it was only logical to put a way to play Sega Genesis games from it onto the jump drive.

Here is where you can find a Sega Genesis Emulator:

I will not show you where to get ROMS for it, or how to set it up.

Anyway, I placed these in a folder called "Genesis" on my jump drive so I can play the Genesis on any computer from my Sega Genesis Jump Drive. You cannot play them with the controller you're using as a Jump Drive, though.

Thank you, and be sure to vote for me if you like this!

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