Introduction: How to Make a Sinestro (Yellow Lantern) Corp. "Scarecrow" Costume

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Here we go again! We all knew it would eventually happen that scarecrow would become a yellow lantern for his ability to induce great fear in others. Times are changing and we gotta keep with the trends right?


- Scarecrow Hat

-Scarecrow Noose

-Scarecrow gloves

-Scarecrow Mask + Dickie

*The hat, mask,dickie, noose, and gloves are used from the previous Scarecrow costume. Follow the link below to get an explanation of how to complete each item.


-yellow foam

-white foam

-black foam

-high density foam

-plastic clips

-nylon straps to fit within the clips

-black pants

-black tshirt

-brown trench coat

-yellow fabric

-Hay or leftover rope from the noose (optional)

-Black face paint (optional)

Step 1: Boots

Just like any of my tutorials, you have to make a choice if these are going to be your permanent sinestro corp scarecrow boots. Follow the link below to get an explanation in the BOOTS section of “how to build a Robin: Damien Wayne costume”

Either way, you are going to foam the boot, so just take your time with it.

(Image 1)
masking tape and then foam (so you can salvage your original boot)


(Image 2)
Foam directly on your boot

Step 2: CLOTHES and BELT

Put on your pants (tucked into your bookts), your black tshirt, gloves, the dickie, the mask, the hat, and the noose.  

(Image 1)
Take your high density foam and cut a long strip. The ends will be at an angle on each side (pic A). measure it so that there is somewhat of a small gap in between ends when you wear it around your waist (pic B)

(Image 2)
Once it is measured, take a heating gun and heat the foam so it retains its shape around your waist. Take your craft foam and carve 3 strips that will go on each side (6 strips total). they do not need to connect in the back, because you will be wearing a coat (pic C). paint silver

(Image 3)
From there, feed your nylon strap through the one side of the clip and hot glue the nylon to one end of the belt. Take the other side of the clip and glue it to the belt itself. Since the nylon is black, you won’t see it in pictures.

Step 3: EMBLEM

For the chest emblem of the Sinestro Corp., you need your white, black, and yellow foam.

Cut out a circle from the black foam. this will be the size of the emblem on your chest. I find it easiest to use something that is already a circular shape for a template, such as a bowl or cup.

Once you have your black circle, use it to cut the same circle from your white foam.

Once you have a white circle, carefully cut out a slightly smaller circle, which will give you a very very skinny “O.” this is now the white border of the emblem.

Lastly, stencil out the sinestro corp pattern from the yellow foam and carefully cut it out. i just took my time and used an exacto knife for this whole process.

Glue all the pieces together. Put some tape on the back and attach it to your black shirt.

Step 4: Gauntlets: Part 1

Take your yellow foam and wrap it around your wrist. it will probably have a curved shape at the top it (pic E). Once it is the right size, cut 5 strips of yellow foam and glue them over the foam from pic E. Remember to leave some space in between strips so it gives some grooves (pic F).

Step 5: Gauntlets

(Image 1)
Now cut out 5 white foam circles that will fit within each strip. (roughly about a quarter, depending how long your forearm is). Paint them silver and then glue them on.

(image 2)
turn it over and put clips on the side to fasten your gauntlet together.

Step 6: RING

Put the glove on your hand. Take a strip of yellow foam and make a band around your finger. Cut a circle out of yellow foam and glue it to the top of the band (i think i used a nickel for a stencil). now carefully use an exacto knife and cut out the symbol and glue it to the circle

Step 7: Jacket

Take your brown jacket and and adjust it in any way that will make it most similar to the sinestro corp scarecrow jacket. That means take off any buttons, any lapels, cuffs, pockets, flaps, etc.

Yellow Fabric
Once that is done, i laid my jacket on the floor with the yellow fabric on top of it. I carefully cut out the shape of the yellow portion and sewed it in place.

(Image 1)
I did a back

(Image 2)
2 front pieces (left and right side)

(image 3)
inside the jacket (left and right side,  and a collar.

(Image 4)

Lastly, to make the bottom of the jacket frayed, i rolled the bottom of the jacket like a newspaper, dipped it in lighter fluid, and lit it on fire. YEP, LIT IT ON FIRE!  The goal is to just make it look tattered, NOT to destroy the coat. be careful, this is not the time to become a pyromaniac.



Gloves: Take some hay (or unravel your rope so it looks like hay) and have it sticking out of your gauntlets.

Mask: Take your black face paint and cover any of your face that can be seen through the mask (i.e., around your eye or mouth).

Take some scary Sinestro Corp Scarcrow pictures! (phew, try saying that 5 times fast)

If you want to see the the original costume, follow the link below

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