Introduction: How to Make a Softbox for Under 10$ DIY

Professional Softboxes can cost over 200$! We decided to build our own for less than 10$. it is very simple to make. This Softbox can be used a a photo, video and a normal light. Pictures and videos look more professional if you use a Softbox!

Step 1: Needed Parts

Here are the parts you need for this project:

- cardboard

- 2 Lamp sockets with a power cord

- 2 CFL´s (everything above 4000K is for best light results)

- tinfoil

- white paper (we used greaseproof paper)

- tape

- bike tube

- screws

- a piece of wood

- (a tripod mount)

Step 2: Needed Tools

Here are the tools you need for this project:

- hogtglue gun and hotglue sticks

- scissors

- a knife

- a screwdriver

Step 3: Cut Out 4 Similar Trapezoid Pieces of Cardboard

the pieces should be 55 cm|21.65" at the bottom and 15 cm|5.9" at the top.

You can use the first piece a a template to cut out the other pieces.

Step 4: Apply Tinfoil to One Side of the Cardboard Pieces Using Hotglue and Tape

the shiny side should be at the outside.

Step 5: Cut Out a 15x15 Cm|21.65" Piece of Wood

the piece should be thick enough for the screws

Step 6: Secure the Lamp Sockets to the Wood Using Bike Tube and Screws

You can use any other method that fixes the lamp sockets but we decided bike tube works the best because you can easily move to sockets if thy don't fit exact.

Step 7: Glue All Parts to a Pyramid Together Using Hotglue and Tape

It is important that you do this step correctly because otherwise the softbox would fall apart!

Step 8: Cut Out a Square Piece of the Cardboard for the Wires

cut the piece so big that the lamp sockets and cables can fit trough.

Step 9: Secure the Wood to the Top of the Pyramid With Hotglue and Tape

make sure that everything holds tight together

Step 10: Screw the CFL´s in the Sockets

Otherwise you need to remove the paper later. Check if the lamps are working!

Step 11: Glue the Paper to the Bottom of the Pyramid Using Tape and Hotglue

Only add tape to the edges so that the light could sine trough the paper.

Step 12: Optional!(add a Tripod Mount to the Wood Using Screws)

This step is only required if you want to put your softbox on a tripod.

Step 13: Power It Up and Use It for Videos, Photos........

If this wasn't precisely enough you can watch our youtube video

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