How to Make a Steampunk Easter Egg




Introduction: How to Make a Steampunk Easter Egg

This is a steampunk easter egg i made in about an hour total. Its meant to look like a robotic egg with some steampunk look to it.

Step 1: The Parts List

1. balsa wood egg from hobby lobby.
2. standard electrical house wire.
3. hobby paint. black, silver, and gold paint.
4. a couple of pen springs.
5. a rc antenna.
6. necklace chain.
7. aluminum tubing.
8. gears from toys.
9. car lightbulb.
10. some hex caps for bike tires.
11. small screws.

Step 2: The Tool List

1. paint brush.
2. bowl.
3. water.
4. screwdriver.
5. x-acto knife.
6. super glue.
7. push pin.
8. pencil.
9. side clippers.
10. pliers.

Step 3: Your Imagination.

you can either follow the next steps to make an egg like mine or you can make your own using your imagination. if you make your own make sure to post a slide show on instructables and post a link to it in the comments below so we can see you creations.

Step 4: My Design-Legs

Before you start make sure you remember NOT TO GLUE anything in until i say to because it will make everything much easier for you.

The first thing i did was designed how it was going to stand so i picked it to have three legs so it stand level.

when your done making the legs make holes in the bottom of the egg spaced equally apart to fit the legs in. make sure the holes are just barely bigger than the leg pieces. to start the hole use the push pin then use small screwdrivers to make the holes bigger to the right size of the legs.

Step 5: My Design-Arms

When i was making the arms i wanted to make them look a little creepy with claws.
Do the same thing as before when your done making the arms make holes for them.

Step 6: My Design-Spare Parts

This step sums up the other little dohickeys on the egg.

Step 7: My Design-Paint Job

This is the last step before you glue everything on.
Design your own little sketch then paint it out, then when your done painting you can glue everything on to your egg.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    this is mine.... its a real egg..... mine looks mor like a junked up robot


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Now this is my kind of Faberge. And it also reminds me that Instructables should have had an Easter contest.