Introduction: Poor Mans Paper Coffee Cup Garden.

This is an instructable on how to make a cheap, easy,  coffee cup garden.
i made this because it was really cheap, so it works out because i don't have any money to spend.
hope you like this easy to make garden and please vote.

Step 1: What You Need to Get Started

1. paper coffee cups
2. stapler
3. popsicle sticks
4. bamboo skewers
5. marker
6. dirt
7. knife
8. seeds, total i spent $4.27 on seeds, i could have made twenty times this garden

Step 2: Putting the Cups Together

first determin how many cups your going to use if your only going to make one cup you can skip this step.
what you want to do is put your cups in eather a rectangle arangment or square to make kind of like a grid.
when you set them up make sure to mark what edges that are touching each other.
then take each one of the cups and cut the edges down so they are flat like shown.

Step 3: Lets Get Down and Dirty

time to fill your cup or cups with dirt.
you want to find some dirt either outside or you can buy some prefertilized dirt from the store.
you will want to fill your cup up to about half an inch from the top making sure to lightly pack the dirt in.

Step 4: The Name Game

to make sure you know what plant is in your cup we will want to use the popsicle sticks and a marker.
use your marker and wright on your popsicle the name of your plant your growing.

Step 5: Planting the Seeds

use one of the bamboo skewers to put a little hole in the dirt.
take two seeds and put them in the dirt, the only reason why i say two seeds is becuase then you know for sure atleast on is going to grow.
you dont want to put any more than two because then you will have to many plants growing in one cup.

Step 6: Bamboo Time

now the last step. put one skewer in each of the cups of dirt, of to the side a little make sure the skewer is touching the bottom of the cup. now make sure to water you plants daily.
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