Introduction: How to Make a Super Mario Mushroom

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Hey Everyone,

I made this cute Super Mario Mushroom out of Polymer clay (I used Fimo) He was very easy to make although I do recommend some experience in polymer clay. You can make him into charm to go on your phone or bag, make him into a necklace, charm bracelet- anything you like, it would make a great gift for a Gamer (or yourself ;] )
If anybody would like a step by step tutorial, please let me know!

You will need:
Red / green polymer clay (for the cap of the mushroom)
White Polymer clay (for the spots, highlights and body of the mushroom)
Black polymer clay (for the eyes)

-If you wish to make him into a charm you will also need:
Head pin / eyepin
Jump ring
Charm attachment

You can get all the materials from any good craft store or online. I got mine from eBay.
If you do make him please post some pictures!

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