Introduction: How to Make a Tiny Hammer

"When all you have is a hammer everything around you looks like a nail" 

That may not be an exact quote, but something like that was what Abraham Maslow said back in the '60s, and if he's right, following this instructable you can go around bopping everything like a nail. Barring ants, you won't hurt a thing. Miniature hammers have a million uses, from building tiny houses, to giving to babies to make them look like giants. 

This instructable requires some previous knowledge and experience around lathes and milling machines, if you don't have that you can still enjoy the video and dream, dream of a day when you'll have your own machine shop. That's what I'm doing anyway.

Materials required:

Brass, or other metal of your choosing
Walnut wood.or other hardwood of your choosing
Varnish, preferably something durable, as you don't want it to wear down during use
Epoxy glue, to join the handle portion to the head

Tools required:

Milling machine (with endmills)
Sand paper, both coarse and fine grit
Polishing compound, I use Autosol Metal Polish
Brushes, for the varnish

Hope you enjoy the video!

You can also view a review of the hammer from the person who received it here: