Introduction: How to Make a Wireless Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar.

this is my first instructable and im going to show you How to make a Wireless Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar.

Step 1: Materials.

For this instructabel you will need:-

1. x2 Infra Red LEDs
2. x1 60 Ion Resistor
3. About 5-6 inches of Wire.
4. x1 Switch
5. x1 4 "AAA" Battery Case

Here are this number's if you want to buy them from Radio-Shack:-

IR Leds - 276-143
"AAA" case - 270-414
Switch - 275-407 or 275-406
60 Ion Resistor - Im not sure but there quite easy to find

Step 2: The Circuit

This is the most trickest thing in the whole wide world to make this circuit but it is, just, possiable.
make sure the Leds are facing the opposite way to the way i have drawn them, Sorry.

Step 3: The Looks

This is What I made mine Like... (for this instructable you will need two)

Step 4: Finished

See that didnt take long Now all you have to do is pop some batterys in and away you go just position it under you telly and your off..