Introduction: Wooden Dowel Soap Dish Holder Rack

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In this instructable you'll see: How I made a Soap Dish/Holder, made of pinewood and some dowels! The length of the soap dish is 43cm, the width 16cm, the height 5cm and the diameter of the dowels 6mm.

Step 1:

Firstly, cut all the pieces in the dimensions you want.

Step 2:

In this case the length of the soap dish is 43 cm, the width 16 cm and the height 5 cm.

Step 3:

Now cut the dowels, equal to the width of the structure, in this case 16 cm.

Step 4:

From each end of the wood, measure a distance equal to its width, in this case 1.5 cm, and divide the space between them in smaller spaces of 2 cm.

Step 5:

After you have marked the distances in the wood, get another one you have cut in the same dimensions and screwed them together.

Step 6:

With a try square extend the line that you have already done.

Step 7:

Now with a drill, depending on the diameter of the dowels, open the holes you have marked, In this case I use 6mm.

Step 8:

Now you have 2 pieces with the same holes at the same points.

Step 9:

With a countersink bit, smooth the holes, which will be in the inside of the structure.

Step 10:

It’s time to assemble all the pieces.

Step 11:

Now put the dowels one by one into the holes you have made.

Step 12:

For the dowels not to move from their place, put a nail in each of them, exactly in the center.

Step 13:

Cut around the construction one to two mm, so the dowels and the sides, to be like one single wood.

Step 14:

Sand the entire construction and if you want, smooth all the edges with a router for a more beautiful appearance.

Step 15:

Thanks for reading & I hope you liked it!

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