Introduction: How to Make a Bamboo Duo-swing

Did you ever thought about swinging with your friend? It's even possible to make it yourself. Just follow the steps and you can make your own duo-swing with a few bamboo-sticks.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Bamboo ø35

Bamboo ø12

Rope for joining the bamboo: 65m

Rope for carrying 2 people of 75kg: f.i. Nylon ø 10mm

2 Carabiners

2 iron 8 chaped hooks


Drilling machine




Step 2: Preparation of the Big Bamboo Sticks

Saw the length in 2 pieces of 65cm and 2 pieces of 30cm

Drill a hole of ø 20mm in the middle of the 2 pieces of 65 cm

Make a small notch everywhere you want to fix the small bamboo stick

Make sure the big bamboo stick is completely hollow

Step 3: Preparation of the Small Bamboo Sticks

Cut 22 pieces of 38cm

Make a notch at 2 cm at the end of each stick with the multitool

Step 4: Fasten the Big and Small Bamboo Sticks

Fasten the small bamboosticks at the big bamboo-stick

The notches prevent the bamboosticks to slide

Use the square knot and 3 times the clove hitch

Step 5: Assembling the Duo-swinging Chair

Slide the big rope through the big bamboo sticks of 65cm

Extract the rope through the hole in the middle of the bamboo stick

Slide another rope through the bamboo stick of 30cm

Fix the 2 ropes and slide the other end of the rope oncemore through the 30cm bamboo stick

Knot very well the 2 ends at the 30cm bamboo stick

Form a triangel with the 2 ends of the rope through the 65cm bamboo stick as shown and knot them very well with a square knot

Step 6: Preparing the Swinging Rope

Make a double 8-knot

Use the iron 8-shaped hooks to adjust the length of the rope

Step 7: Enjoy Swinging Together!

Step 8: Carry the Swing on Your Back