Introduction: Make a Flatpack Measuring Cup

You have always wanted to make your own customized platpack measuring cup? I found the solution!

In a few steps, you can make very easily your own measuring cup, with any cup, with your desired values.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

- a cup

- something to measure

- silicone placemat

- superglue

- multitool or metal saw

Step 2: First Measure

Take your measuring tool and fill with water,

Pour the water in the cup.

Step 3: Mark

Add markings on the cup when the waterlevel ends.

Make sure you have a clear line, so you know where to cut.

Step 4: Cut

You can do this with an exacto knife, a metal saw or a multitool (depends on the material of the cup)

Step 5: Polish

File the rough ends

Step 6: Add Silicone

Cut a small strip of your placemat (4mm) and glue it to the top of your small cup.

If you cut it in an angle, you prevent the water from dripping at the ends.

Step 7: Remove

Fit the cone into the cup as shown in the picture.

Mark the ends of the silicone on the cone and cut.

Step 8: Next Measurement

Fit the cone into the cup as shown in the picture and pour your desired amount of water, mark the water level and cut.

Step 9: Repeat

Add as many layers as you need