Introduction: How to Make a Crown for Your Princess.

Three of my granddaughters are into froufrou, princesses and Barbie. Because they all have lots of nice clothes and toys already, and I hate giving money, we try to think of something we can make to conserve on expenses, yet will provide a treasured memory for years. This crown will hang on the wall or sit on a flat surface.

Step 1: Design Crown

Design your crown (4" x 18") to the actual scale on paper, taking into consideration how many gems you will be using and how many lights are on your string. Be sure to check the distance between the lights and where you are drilling the holes for them. I used a cereal bowl to achieve the curves on the top.

Step 2: Cut, Drill and Router Crowns.

I used a 1"X4"X6' board to cut 3 18" crowns. Tools: table saw, drill & 3/8" or 5/16" bit, router & 3/8" bit, and scroll or Jig saw. Drill holes into top edge and face of crown where gems will be. Router where wires and lights will lay in the back. If using a 20 light string you will be able to have lights on the sides and bottom also. Otherwise 7 holes in top and 3 in face to accept a 10 light string. This does not need to be sanded. Just knock off any wood slivers.

Step 3: Press Light String Into Back

Use either a 20 or 10 white LED Christmas light string. Start pressing light string into routered grooves in back, making sure bulbs are placed so the brightness of the light is directly over/under the hole where the light will shine through. Start from the plug end on the lower side. Attach lights and wire into place with hot glue. Press wires down securely below the edge of the wood surface. Make sure you have left enough room for the gems to be seated above the lights. Pray these lights never burn out as I don't know how you will get them out to change them. LOL. 

Step 4: Gather Trims and Small Tools

Needed to decorate crowns: Clear gems, jewelery bead caps, glass paint, toothpicks, small paint brush for glass paint, 2" paint brush to apply Gesso, Gesso or thinned white glue, glue gun, pencil, ruler, exacto knife, string beads, small scissors, 10 or 20 white/clear LED Christmas light string, dollar store trinkets, purchased wood PRINCESS word and letters for child's name, tiny Christmas trims and whatever works for you.

Step 5: Apply Lace and Paint.

Apply Gesso or thinned white glue to front, top and side of crown. While Gesso is wet, cover top, front, and sides of crown with lace, snipping into lace on top and pressing down so lace adheres to curves in wood. Paint another coat of Gesso over lace. Let dry thoroughly. Trim lace away from back edges. Pierce holes in lace where gems will be placed. Spray paint with gold or color of choice. Let dry.  Press toothpick into hole in gem. Holding toothpick, apply glass stain/paint to clear gems. Press toothpick into styrofoam block until paint is dry. Do not buy gems with a silver back. Paint PRINCESS and name letters. Let dry.

Step 6: Decorate Crowns

Using hot glue, put trims and decorated gems in place. Use enough glue to hold them securely but not too much so as to leave globs and strings of glue showing.

Step 7: Night View

This one has 20 lights and glows very nicely. You might want to put a base on yours and it will sit upright. Other wise it can hang on the wall. I pressed electrical tape over the wires on the back or you could put a tiny bead or "foot" on all corners so it doesn't lay so close to the wall.
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