Introduction: How to Make a Fire

There are several ways in which one can make a fire, in this Instructable I will demonstrate the basic steps.

WARNING: Fire can and will burn you if not used properly, don't be stupid and use caution when having a fire.

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Step 1: Fire Methods.

As I have already stated you can build a fire numerous ways. You can build a traditional teepee style fire, a log cabin style fire, or a lean too. And you can choose to light it with a match, flint and steel, steel wool and a 9v battery, fire bow drill, the classic magnifying glass/glasses, or another method.

Step 2: Traditional Tepee Fire

You're going to want to start by gathering a fire starter, such as dry grass, cattails, or pocket lint. NEVER use paper or dry leaves in a fire, they the hot ash will rise out of the fire and can start a forest fire. Now you can gather your firewood to start get kindling, which is branches that are no larger in thickness then your pinky finger, then collect tinder which are branches no thicker then 1 1/2 inches in diameter, lastly gather your fuel which are big logs. Once you have a large wood pile you can start building you're tepee, start by making sure you have a clearly marked fire ring, this is very simple to do just clear out leaves and other flammable objects and make sure your fire ring is clearly marked by raised ground or stones.

Place your fire starter in the middle of the ring Stick a sick into the ground and lean others around it and the fire starter once you have built the tepee with kindiling and tinder keep adding tinder to the fire until you have a nice bed of coals and then you can add fuel.

** Make sure all your wood is dry. h

Step 3: Log Cabin Style Fire.

Follow step 2 by gathering your materials and building a fire ring.

Place 2 sticks on the ground length wise and then 2 more on top of the width wise so the is a square in the middle, place your fire starter in the square and keep building the sticks up by placing them 2 by 2. then light and gradually place tinder on top of the fire until you have a nice bed of coals then you may put fuel on.

Step 4: Lean Too Style Fire.

Follow step 2 by gathering the materials and building the fire ring.

This type of fire is the easiest to build, all you need to do is place a rock in the middle of the fire ring and put the fire starter next to it then lean tinder and kindling against it. Then gradually add tinder until you have a nice bed of coals and then you can add fuel.

Step 5: Lighting a Fire With a Match.

Are you serious, you just strike the match. Make sure to use your hand to shield it from the wind but don't touch the flame.

Step 6: Flint and Steel.

You can buy flint and steel at most camping stores and department stores. To use flint and steel hold the steel at and angle facing your fire starter and strike down with the flint the sparks will eventually light the fire starter.

Step 7: 9v Battery and Steel Wool.

All you need is a 9v battery and steel wool (No duh!). Just press the hook up end of the battery on to the wool, the steel wool acts like shorted out wires and automatically ignites.

Step 8: Fire Bow Drill.

too construct a fire bow drill you need a piece of string, a curved stick, a straight stick, a flat piece of wood, a stone, and a knife.

First you tie one end of the string to one end of the curved stick and then loop it around the middle of the straight stick and tie it at the other end. Then sharpen one end of the straight stick and cut a v shape in the side of the flat piece of wood. Lastly carve out a hole in the wood right below the v and make sure it doesn't break through the other side of the wood. Then you take the flat piece of wood and place it hole your fire starter and put the pointed stick into the hole. Place the stone on the other end of the pointed stick and with your other hand move the bow (curved stick) back and forth. Once you get a few embers in the hole then knock them onto the fire starter and blow until you get a flame.

Step 9: Magnifying Glass.

Hold the magnifying glass over the fire starter so that the beam is concentrated on it and wait until it catches fire this takes a very steady hand.

Step 10: Putting a Fire Out

There are many ways to put a fire out, the most successful way I've used is to gradually pour water on to the coals and then stir them around. this helps to conserve water. You can also bury a fire with dirt to smother it, or just pour a bunch of water on it at once. always remember to kick logs over and make sure all the embers under them are put out.

Step 11: Tips.

If it has just rained and all of the wood is wet you can use a knife to peel off the outer layer because the inside will be dry. If you have no fire starter available you can use shavings from a whittled stick you can also use birch bark (Do not peel bark off the trees it can kill them use bark that has already fallen off or from a dead tree only.) If your fire starts to die down you can put more wood on it and use a lid to fan it or just blow into it. too make a really smokey fire for signaling you can use pine needles.
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