How to Make a Homemade Slushy!

Introduction: How to Make a Homemade Slushy!

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Do you want a Slurpee/slushy and you don't know how to make it? Well you came to the right place! The next slide will be all the steps in one to make it easier!!!!!

Step 1: All at Once

  • I'm just gonna list these for you at once!
  • 1st, get two or one drink(s) you've chosen, one spoon for how many cups your making also a knife for each and sugar (optional) ( most shows these in the 1st picture )
  • 2nd, put in the sugar (optional) then put the one or two drinks you've chosen in the cups then stir them up with the knifes (under 6 with a butter knife should be supervised by an adult!)
  • 3rd, put the things in the freezer for and hour OR 30 mins
  • after that, take them out and stab the knife around a little bit then there is your slushy! Fun and Simple!
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    7 years ago on Introduction

    thank ya for doing this and please vote me on the super food contest!!!!! THANK YA