Introduction: How to Make a Iso to Backup a Wii Game Without a Special DVD Drive.

Things you will need
1. a wii
2. a usb device larger then your game
3. a sd card for the Home brew channel/usb loader
4. a computer

Step 1: The Home Brew Channel

First off you need to have the home brew channel installed if you don't this is a good guide... 

Step 2: Usb Loader GX

Second install the latest version of usb loader gx to you Wii from...

Step 3: Making the Wbfs File of the Game

After that insert a usb flash drive or hard drive to your Wii and put in the game you want the iso of. Then open usb loader gx and press the icon in usb loader that looks like a + button. Then install the game to the usb device. When it is done bring the hard drive back to your computer.

Step 4: Path A: (only If You USB DEVICE Is Formated With the Wbfs File System)

Path A: if you drive is formated WBFS download wbfs manager from...
open it up then load you usb device and select extract ISO.

Step 5: Path B: (IF Your Usb Drive Is Fat/fat32/NTFS/ext3/ext4)

Path B: if your drive is formated with fat/fat32/NTFS/ext3/ext4 download Wii backup manager from...
Now open wbm (wii backup manager) and select the wbfs file of the game. Then select transfer to ISO.

Step 6: Finishing

Let the program convert the files to ISO. When they are done you have a good ISO of a Wii game and you didn't need to buy some weird drive or software that takes a dump. I am uploading this because I found out how to do this myself and I never found a good guide telling people how to make a Wii ISO without needing special equipment. I hope this has helped you out,